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Quick Look: Chronicles of Eberron

Updated: May 14, 2023

Chronicles of Eberron is a comprehensive guidebook to Keith Baker’s vision of Eberron, filled with new options for both players and Dungeon Masters. From the depths of the Barren Sea to the unknown reaches of the Astral Plane, this book offers expanded mechanics and detailed illustrations that bring the world of Eberron to life.

Who is it for

This guidebook is for players and Dungeon Masters who want to delve deeper into the lore and mechanics of Eberron. It's perfect for those who are familiar with the world and want to add new options to their campaigns, as well as for those who are new to Eberron and want to learn more about this fascinating setting.

Why is it awesome

Chronicles of Eberron offers an array of new options for players, including the Tairnadal champion with the Oath of Veneration, the Aspiration Domain for those who want to explore the mysteries of the Dark Six, and even the forbidden magic of the Shadow. It also features details on the nobility of Khorvaire, the people of Riedra, and the stormsingers of Lorghalan, as well as new enemies to challenge players, such as the daelkyr Avassh and Mordain the Fleshweaver.

The guidebook provides broad guidance useful for any Eberron campaign, including insights into what the average person from Khorvaire knows about the Draconic Prophecy, tips on how to start a new campaign, how to add more flavor to a long journey, and how to challenge high-level characters.

The Final World

Chronicles of Eberron is an essential guidebook for anyone interested in exploring the world of Eberron. It offers new options for players and Dungeon Masters alike, as well as broad guidance on how to create an exciting and immersive campaign. Don't miss out on the chance to discover the secrets of the Barren Sea and the Astral Plane.

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