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Quick Look: Lustria

Updated: May 14, 2023

Venture into the mysterious continent of Lustria, far across the Great Ocean from the shores of the Old World. Rumours of golden treasures and ancient arcane knowledge lure many bold adventurers to risk it all in pursuit of riches. But the harsh reality is far from the tales - Lustria is a treacherous and hostile place, teeming with venomous snakes, carnivorous lizards, poisonous flora, and deadly diseases. Even the few settlements along the coast are under constant threat from the ancient inhabitants of Lustria - the Lizardmen, who fiercely defend their territory against any intruders.

The Lustria sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay provides players and game masters with all they need to embark on thrilling adventures in this challenging continent. The book covers the history of Lustria, from the enigmatic arrival of the Old Ones to the current disputes over their plans, as well as the new species that seek to plunder its riches.

Players can explore major locations like the great temple-city of Tlaxtlan, the ruined temple-city of Quetza - home to the Skaven of Clan Pestilens - and Skeggi, a Norse foothold that promises wealth but often results in death. The Citadel of Dawn, a High Elf fortress and port, and the Vampire Coast, home to Arch-Commodore Luthor Harkon's court of the undead, offer unique settings for adventures.

The sourcebook also includes exciting new rules for explorer careers, founding and managing settlements, playing as different Lizardmen species, and facing the parasitic diseases and monstrous creatures of the Lustrian jungle. Skink characters are also fully playable, adding more options for players.

The writing is engaging, painting a vivid picture of Lustria's dangers and treasures, while the artwork captures the exotic atmosphere of the land. With its wealth of material and immersive experience, Lustria is an excellent sourcebook for players and game masters seeking adventure, exploration, and high-stakes risk-taking.

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