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Quick Look: Forbidden Lands - Bloodmarch

Hearken, oh brave explorers, as we delve into the tumultuous world of Forbidden Lands: Bloodmarch. For the uninitiated, Forbidden Lands is a fresh spin on classic fantasy roleplaying. It's an open-world survival RPG where you play as raiders and rogues carving out their place in a cursed world. Since its release in December 2017, it has earned numerous accolades, including multiple ENNIE Awards, testament to its innovative approach and striking design.

Now, with the addition of Bloodmarch, the world of Forbidden Lands gets even stranger and more dangerous. Situated west of Ravenland, the Bloodmarch is a volatile volcanic region made accessible with the opening of the Shadowgate Pass. This once flourishing land now faces an insidious threat as demonic vegetation rapidly spreads, forever altering the region and its inhabitants.

Penned by Erik Granström, lead setting writer for Forbidden Lands, Bloodmarch invites players into an epic journey where they can hunt for the legendary Horn´s Astra, artifacts said to have the power to control the fate of this afflicted land. The fate of the Bloodmarch hangs in the balance. Will you be its savior or its downfall?

Who's It For

Bloodmarch is an ideal expansion for both veterans to the Forbidden Lands franchise. It's an expansion that enhances the scope of the game, making it a great choice for those who desire a broader experience.

Seasoned players will appreciate the new magic disciplines, the expansive new territory to explore, and the compelling campaign, The Legacy of Horn. Meanwhile, those new to Forbidden Lands will find a richly developed world teeming with potential for adventure and discovery.

The modular nature of the campaign, built using adventure sites, is also accommodating for the game master, allowing them to adapt the narrative without railroading the players, making Bloodmarch an excellent choice for imaginative GMs.

What's Inside

Forbidden Lands: Bloodmarch is not merely an expansion; it's an infusion of fresh, tantalizing content that will keep players engrossed. The book includes:

  • Three new magic disciplines: Magma Song, Mentalism, and Dream Magic, providing new tools and strategies for magical characters.

  • A host of new rules for travelling in the Bloodmarch, accompanied by 27 unique random encounters to keep players on their toes.

  • Sixteen new monsters to test your mettle, including the Fire Wyrm, Salamander, and Hover Frog.

  • An extensive campaign, Legacy of Horn, featuring ten key players vying for domination of the Bloodmarch.

  • Eight complete, beautifully illustrated adventure sites that can be played in any order, providing a rich tapestry of quests and opportunities.

  • An epic campaign finale, giving players the unprecedented chance to shape the future of the Bloodmarch.

Final Thoughts

Forbidden Lands: Bloodmarch is a captivating expansion to an already enthralling RPG. Its flexibility and depth provide ample opportunity for numerous thrilling adventures. The modular nature of the campaign, coupled with the intriguing new magic disciplines and menacing monsters, ensure that no two journeys will ever be the same.

The beautiful artwork by Henrik Rosenborg and detailed map by Tobias Tranell add an extra layer of immersion, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This expansion showcases the game’s continuous evolution, exemplifying what made Forbidden Lands such a hit in the first place.

Whether you're a GM looking for a new world to unveil to your players, or a band of adventurers yearning for new lands to conquer, Bloodmarch offers a mesmerizing journey into a land teetering on the brink of doom or salvation. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and decide the future of the Bloodmarch. After all, in Forbidden Lands, it's all about leaving your mark on a cursed world.

In this article, some content was generated using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. The generated content was then edited and arranged for accuracy and readability by RPGPDFs.


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