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Quick Look: Forbidden Lands - The Book of Beasts

Gather 'round, bold adventurers, as we explore the foreboding corners of the Forbidden Lands through the lens of The Book of Beasts. A realm already known for its grim and perilous exploits, Forbidden Lands ups the ante with this gripping bestiary penned by seasoned game writers Andreas Marklund and Erik Granström.

The Book of Beasts isn't merely a catalog of monsters - it's a bestiary you can play. Beautifully illustrated by Henrik Rosenborg, it's brimming with lethal encounters, dangerous beasts, and a wealth of additional content to enhance your gameplay. From the Basilisk to the Iron Dragon, every creature is ready to be thrown into your campaign, each bringing its own mini-adventure to the table.

Who's It For

The Book of Beasts is a perfect companion for seasoned game masters of Forbidden Lands. If you've ever felt the urge to dive deeper into the lore of Forbidden Lands' creatures or present new monstrous challenges for your players, this book is for you.

This manual is a game-enhancer for GMs, providing a wealth of beasts to populate the world, complete with associated mini-adventures. Players, too, will find value, as the book opens up new dimensions of gameplay, such as harvesting resources from slain beasts and using Lore skills to uncover monster weaknesses.

What's Inside

Delve into the dangerous world of Forbidden Lands with:

  • Detailed profiles of at least twenty-eight distinct monsters, each coupled with tailored random encounters for immediate integration into your game.

  • Rich lore and legends for every creature, deepening the world and engaging players.

  • Rules for harvesting resources from fallen foes, opening up new opportunities and strategies.

  • Guidance for using Lore skills to gain insights into monster strengths and weaknesses, adding an extra layer of tactics to combat.

  • Additional rules for traps, rare tomes, and alchemy, along with a system for solo play, broadening the scope of Forbidden Lands gameplay.

Final Thoughts

The Book of Beasts is a compelling addition to the Forbidden Lands game world. It's more than a bestiary; it's a tool to enhance the depth, diversity, and danger of your adventures. If you decide to go for a physical copy, the beautiful faux leather covers and gold foil stamping provide a lavish aesthetic experience in line with the game's core set.

Each creature, meticulously illustrated and steeply rooted in the game's lore, is not just a beast to fight, but

a story waiting to unfold. By introducing elements like resource harvesting and Lore-driven insights, The Book of Beasts invites a more strategic approach to gameplay.

If you're ready to face the Amphibian, the Twisted Ent, and other fearsome creatures, then this bestiary is your gateway to a wealth of new adventures in the Forbidden Lands. Gear up, gather your Lore, and face the beasts head-on. If you are interested in more previews, check out this title on DriveThruRPG

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