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Quick Look: Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook

Updated: May 14, 2023

Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the Adventure Game Engine, a popular game engine that has also been used in other RPGs such as The Expanse, Modern AGE, and Blue Rose. The game is designed to be easy to learn and fun to play, with character creation being a simple process of selecting an ancestry, class, and specialization before jumping into the action. The game's heart is the stunt system, which allows players to roll doubles on 3d6 to pull off heroic maneuvers, cast powerful spells, or perform amazing feats of physical and mental prowess.

The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook replaces the 2015 Basic Rulebook, but existing players will find that older books in the line are largely compatible with the new edition.

What's Inside

The book includes all the rules needed to create and play a character, as well as advice for game masters (GMs) on running the game. Character creation is simple, with players choosing an ancestry, class, and specialization to create their hero. Ancestry options include humans, elves, dwarves, and more, while the four classes available are envoy, mage, rogue, and warrior. Specializations offer a range of options, from sword mages to diplomats, allowing players to customize their character's abilities.

The heart of the game is the stunt system, which adds a dynamic element to combat and other situations. When a player rolls doubles on three six-sided dice (3d6), they can trigger a stunt. These stunts allow characters to perform amazing feats, such as striking an enemy in a vital spot or casting a spell with greater power. The system adds a level of excitement to gameplay, keeping players engaged and invested in their characters.

The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook includes everything players need to get started, from rules for combat and magic to equipment and spells. The book also includes a complete scenario, allowing players to dive into the action right away. The setting for this adventure is Breakwater Bay, a location within the Stranger Shores campaign setting. However, the game can be played in any fantasy world, whether created by the GM or based on an existing property.

For GMs, the Game Master's Toolkit provides additional resources for running the game. The toolkit includes a three-panel hardback screen with essential game info, as well as a 32-page booklet with new hazards and a complete adventure. Quick reference cards and a combat tracker are also included, making it easier for GMs to manage the game at the table.

For players who have already been playing Fantasy AGE, the new second edition of the core rulebook offers some exciting updates. A fourth class, the envoy, has been added to the game, offering new options for social encounters. Additionally, players now start with a specialization at level 1, allowing for more differentiation between characters. The updated rulebook also includes both basic and advanced stunts, with each class having its own unique list of advanced stunts. The book also includes more ancestries, talents, spells, and magic items, providing more options for character creation.

Despite these updates, the new core rulebook is largely compatible with existing books in the Fantasy AGE line. Older stat blocks work with the new system, and the Fantasy AGE Bestiary and Campaign Builder's Guidebook are still useful resources for GMs. Much of the Companion material has also been updated and included in the new rulebook.

Who It's For

For those who are new to tabletop gaming, Fantasy AGE offers an easy-to-learn rule set and streamlined character creation process, making it the perfect introduction to the hobby. The system's simplicity and flexibility allow you to focus on the story and your character's development, without getting bogged down in complex mechanics.

Gamemasters who are new to running games or RPGs will appreciate the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook's straightforward approach to game mastering. The Adventure Game Engine provides clear guidelines for creating and running adventures, while the Game Master's Toolkit offers a wealth of resources to help GMs bring their stories to life.

For experienced Fantasy AGE players and GMs, the 2nd edition of the Core Rulebook offers exciting new changes, such as a new envoy class, revised class advancement, and new ancestry talents and heritage specializations. The dynamic stunt system and flexible magic system allow for creative gameplay and the potential for epic moments. Additionally, the Stranger Shores campaign setting and Breakwater Bay adventure area offer thrilling new worlds to explore and conquer.

The Final Word

In conclusion, Fantasy AGE is an exciting tabletop RPG that provides players with the tools they need to create and customize their characters in a fantasy world of their choosing. The simple character creation process allows players to choose from a variety of ancestries, classes, and specializations, while the dynamic stunt system adds an element of excitement to combat and other situations.

The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook includes all the essential rules and resources needed to get started, and the Game Master's Toolkit provides additional resources for GMs to manage the game. The updated second edition of the core rulebook offers exciting new options and features, while still remaining largely compatible with existing Fantasy AGE books.

In this article, some content was generated using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. The generated content was then edited and arranged for accuracy and readability by RPGPDFs.



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